This is the start of my story.  My public, online, completely-exposed-to-the-world story.  Being a complete greenhorn, I decided to start out on this endeavor by surfing for “What exactly is a blog?”.  However, after coming across thoroughly unhelpful pages such as “To Blog or Not to Blog” and “Support for Beginning Bloggers”, I realized the obtuse irony in the situation, and decided to just get to it. 

Well…I did come across one site  about 9 reasons to start a blog, as follows:

1. You have something to say. That is, I assume the site meant you have something important or interesting to say.  Here’s hoping. 

2. You’re an expert in something.  Come on.   Is there anything more tedious than an advice blog?

3. You have a business to promote.  Nope.

4. It’s easy.  Unknown.

5. You can earn money through your blog.  Seeing as I’m already fabulously and independently wealthy (ahem), and I really abhore money as it is (ahem), I’ll pass.

6. Stay in touch.  Here’s a quick prayer that my family and especially my priest never come across this blog.

7. You can make a difference.  Self-help blogs?  Really??

8. Boost your website’s page ranking.  No website.  I do like this website, however, and in light of the sixth anniversary of 9/11 that just passed, it’s food for thought. 

9. It’s a wonderful way to express creativity.  My preferred expression of creativity is through dreams.  It’s the laissez-faire way to be creative.

I feel…lost, you know?  As a kid, I was too shy to even write in my own glossy pink journal that could only be opened with the plastic key that I kept hidden in my other desk drawer.  The above-linked site indicated that “blogging is here to stay.”  Americans tend to think everything is here to stay.  Democracy, social security, California.  I question the existence of anything indelible here on earth.


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