What Will Our Kids Think?

We occasionally spot odd and sometimes offensive quirks in older generations that stem from being a “product of their time.”  My mom is a classic product of the 1950s.  While she is reasonably progressive for her generation, she also sometimes says things that shock the hell out of me.  She also boxes herself into these deeply entrenched sexist mindframes within her marriage and society in general.  It’s really strange.  Then again, a lot of my peers are closer in generation to their parents than me (my mom was 36 when she had me).

This makes me think, what quirks am I harboring that will cause future generations to scoff?  No generation is immune from such growing pains, especially now that the world changes so fast.  For now, social sanctions and Emily Post seem to approve of mainstream behavior.  However, I can just picture my future offspring staring up at me with jaws dropped and eyes popping, saying, “MO-om!  I can’t believe you SAID that!” 


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