Kite Runner or Splendid Suns?

Just wondering which way people lean, for those who have read both The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns.  I loved them both.

kite-runner.jpgVS. thousand-suns.jpg



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3 responses to “Kite Runner or Splendid Suns?

  1. Mary Moloney

    I could not put either book down. It has given me a tremendous insite into Afghanistan. I read “suns” first and found it more compelling than “kite”The author has given us such gore and violence that,that in itself is almost too much to bare reading.
    At times I had to put it down.
    Kites I felt let down by the failings of the main character to understand or empathize with the others. He mainly moaned and hand rung through out the entire book!! He was born a man which would have been a bloody lucky break I guess being a woman,a wife,a mother and a grandmother my empathys lay with them

  2. rhea

    I enjoyed Suns more, although it’s a tough call. As I woman, I also found that the feminine focus made it extremely touching and meaningful. I could relate on a personal level with much of the male dominance and aggression, although the characters’ experiences were, of course, much more severe.

    A very compelling piece of Kite Runner was the claim that there is ultimately only one sin: stealing. Every wrongdoing, whether grave or small, steals something from someone. This thought has intrigued me ever since I read the book.

  3. “The Kite Runner” an awesome book, great attention to details. Every single page made me cry, laugh, warmed up my heart with love, and made me angry… I cried non-stop throughout the book.

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