165 Days ‘Til St. Patrick’s Day!!!



165 days until the best day of the year.  165 days until I: wake up, greet St. Patrick, ditch work, get sloppy with the dearest of family and friends, eat breakfast, ride in the parade, crash the bar(s) (Celtic Tavern is usually the first and last stop, although one year I made it to McCormick’s), and thank God once again for giving us such a blessed saint!  (Honestly.  Not just because the world uses his day as an excuse to get trashed.) 

irish-flag.png 2008 is a leap year, so there is one extra day to suffer through until we get to celebrate St. Patrick’s feast.  2012 (the year it would have been a Friday) is also on a leap year, which means St. Patrick’s Day won’t fall on a Friday again (as it did in blessed 2006) until 2017.  Too bad.  It falls on a Saturday in 2012 (as it did in 2007), which is always fun because the parade actually falls on the holiday.


Eireann Go Braugh!

Dia Duit!


stone-age-passage-tombs-carrowmore-county-sligo.jpg shamrock-beer.jpg  chicago-river.jpg 


There are many reasons for drinking;                

One has just entered my head;                       

If a man doesn’t drink when he’s living,         

How the hell can he drink when he’s dead? 


I’ve drunk to your health in the pubs;

I’ve drunk to your health in my home;

I’ve drunk to your health so many times,

That I’ve almost ruined my own!



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4 responses to “165 Days ‘Til St. Patrick’s Day!!!

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