Sex and the City…and Me?


Even if they don’t entirely realize it, the ultimate question of so many American females is, which Sex and the City character am I?  A close second question on female minds is, if I could have the wardrobe of any Sex and the City character, which wardrobe would I choose?

I just can’t decide.  It’s not for lack of contemplation.  I think about it every time I watch an episode.  Truthfully, I would love to be any of the characters.  The frustrating fact is, I don’t fit any of them.  Each character takes on a fascinating and unique outlet of human behavior and thought.  Put them together, and you’ve arguably come up with the quintessential (and unattainable) female.  Then again, the thought of their flaws all rolled up into one woman is a little intimidating…yikes!  But here’s where I see myself coming up short….

Miranda is too intelligent, cynical, and driven for me to aspire to.  Carrie is too perfect, accomplished in all fields, and Bohemian (not to mention her wardrobe!!!).  Samantha is too liberated, sassy, and powerful.  Charlotte is too sweet, gentle, and moral.  Plus they all have obscene amounts of money, clothes, and shoes shoes shoes.  Last night one of my favorite episodes aired.  After Carrie’s shoes go missing at a party where the wife/mommy hostess could care less, Carrie registers at Manolo Blahnik for the $485 shoes that went missing, and sends a single card to the hostess announcing that she’s getting married to herself, and is registered at the shoe shop for the single pair of shoes.  Divine!!


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