Nape Piercing

No one will pierce my nape because I’m too skinny.  :( 

One lucky piercee’s end result:




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37 responses to “Nape Piercing

  1. daniell smith

    i think the piercing is hot when you think about it its very creative

  2. Not all that creative, its actually very common.

    im rather skinny myself (ana sucks.) but I had my nape pierced, They had to pierce higher then normal to keep it from hitting bones, because if its placed over bones it will reject to easy, and you have to eat healthy during healing if you want it to heal and not reject.

  3. I got my nape done over a yr ago, it dosne matter what onther wench says, its about coultur and style not whats hot or whats not. peace

  4. saz

    looks awsome gonna get it done nxt week

  5. emily

    hurt much ?
    im thinking bout it ,
    but ive only got 8 atm…

    i want my tragus & nape
    if anyone can give me sme advice …

  6. Carah

    I got it done I thought it would hurt but it didn’t at all. I love it and so do all of my friends. I’m the only one in my school that has it. I also have my tragus and my rook done.

  7. Simone

    I was thinking of getting it done, a few people have said it’l look good others said it wont, how much do u think it’d cost and does it hurt?

  8. KLG

    I have ana and I have my nape done. It’s healing fine. I think whether or not you can heal a nape is based more on anatomy than body weight. Some people just don’t have enought skin to hold a surface bar. I was told to pich the back of my neck and then look down. If the skin pops out of your fingers, there’s probably not enough to hold a bar. Placement is key too. Piercing over vertabrae would cause a nape to reject on anyone…whether they have an ED or not. If you really want a surface piercing on your neck, but can’t handle a surface bar, you could always get a microdermal. I haven’t had any major issues with healing piercings due to my diet (my nape was #10) but that’s just my body. We’re all different.

    Good luck and stay safe!

  9. Jade

    I got my tragus done plus 11 others but they all can be hiden like my tonuage and belly. none of them hurt and now im getting my neck pierced im only 15 what you lot think ? .Ox

  10. Rach

    On every single site I have read that nape piercings do not hurt. Personally, my nape piercing was the most painful out of all 18 that I have. Luckily it’s healed fine, and of course it might reject one day, but for now it’s happy.
    KLG is right, it all depends on your body. Some people just never react well to piercings, if your body doesn’t want it there’s nothing you can do. I personally find that if I get a little run down or have a heavy night out, my nape tells me about it the next day…
    Emily, tragus is one of the easiest piercings to do and is virtually pain free.
    Jade, I think you should wait. If you’re only 15 then your body is still growing and I imagine you’re doing all sorts of activities which invlove risks for your nape. Leave it a couple of years perhaps. This may sound old and ridiculous, you can always take a piercing out and forget it, but that last thing you want right now is a piercing rejecting on your neck and leaving scars.
    At the end of the day, if you think the piercing will look good, then go for it. But be prepared for a time consuming cleaning regime and weeks of worrying about rejection!
    Good luck x

  11. Stacy

    okay so i got mine done last july and it was totally worth the pain, but i’m not going to lie that shit hurt and i seriously almost took it out because there was a two month period were i had my hair up trying to keep it off my neck and i couldn’t sleep on my back, if you really take care of it and you believe it’s worth alot of trouble go for it. Mine is fine now and i love it.

  12. jessica

    ok does it hurt or not? I had my cartlidge done with a gone with a 14 gage and I just thought it was a pinch… So will it hurt (nape surface)

  13. Sammie

    I’m thinking about getting my nape pierced also.. Would love it, but I am afraid of the rejection.. Heard that its about the same risk of rejection as a naval piercing.. I have my ears, naval and tongue done, so I think I will be fine.. (tried the pinch test also).. Not sure where to go though.. Anyone know of a good surface piercer around Auburn, WA?

  14. Tom

    Got mine done yesterday. I won’t lie. It hurt more than when I got my nipples pierced. Anyway, be sure to take care of it and keep washing it.

  15. i have been reading a lot about the nape piercing and most people have said it doesn’t hurt. if you go to a reputable piercer and take good care of it you will more the likely be good for the migration and rejection. I am thinking about getting this piercing soon, just have to convince my dad to go with me, which i am sure he will seeings as this will be my 22nd piercing & i am only 17, tehe.

  16. Jaz

    So I just got my nape done last week and I think it looks amazing. However out of my 11 piercings (6 on earlobes, tragus, cartilidge, nose, bellybutton and nape) it hurt the most when I was getting it done but it only hurt for like a day after I got it done. All my other piercings took a few weeks to stop hurting. But I love it, I think its one of my prettiest piercings :)

  17. lorna

    I have been wanting to get my nape pierced for a year. I’ve been holding off on it because I am a competitive athlete. Will daily sweating irritate the piercing?

  18. Gemm

    i have my nape dun n have dun for almost a year now but its reeaaaly starting to hurt. Its always bin a bit inflamed around 1 hole but it never gave me any trouble. Now its red and i can’t touch it because it just hurts rely bad and the bar feels bruisd and swollen almost. i dont know what to do because i love my nape soo much and wil do anything to keep it in i just dont kno what! plees help..isit rejecting!? ):

  19. Gemm

    also i never new diet could affect it,obviously as iv had it a while iv got through the healing process but i turned vegetarian last week and it may sound stupid but could that be affecting it because it was fine before then!

  20. Saint

    LOL @ You’s.
    Why think about it?
    Seriously just get it done, anyone who says it doesn’t hurt is lying.. if you can get your industrial done, you can get anything. [=
    And as for that 15 year old, Jade, you asked what us “lot” thought. I think you’re an idiot.
    -Sigh- People like you DISGUST me.

  21. crystal

    i just got my nape pierced yesterday
    and i love it
    its so worth the pain

  22. danni

    hey i got my tragus and my belly button and my ears done. i am only 15 and i got my belly button done when i was 12. And i just got a tattoo on my ankle bone. I aint gonna lie the tragus was the most pain ful and the tattooo and belly button didnt even hurt. I was wondering if you guys think i would be able to get my nape done if i was able to go through all the pain of getting my tragus done?

  23. Jake

    I have 2, 2″ bars in my nape. It was the least painful of my 6 piercings, but it was uncomfortable at first, putting on shirts, sleeping, etc. Anyone that has a tattoo can pierce their nape, a tattoo is like getting pierced 100 times at once. But if you do get it pierced be prepared to wait a long time for it to heal…

  24. souslu

    you guys saying you’re 15 and have like lots of piercings sounds pathetic… ok you’re young, come here and rattle about them… show offs

  25. Claire

    hmmm i’m thinking about getting it done it’s such a beautiful piercing. i was going to get a surface piercing in my cleavage but instead i got a microdermal, so i think my next move is getting my nape pierced but hopefully it won’t reject if i look after it right lol anyways good luck to everyone else’s piercings :)

  26. Sarah

    im getting my nape done as soon as diving season is over! hopefully soon ahh. i only have my cartilage pierced on my right ear and no other piercings.(it was suppose to be left but my friend fucked up -.- ) i think the nap piercing will be so beautiful. and i love how you can only see it when you pull your hair back. brilliant! cant wait to get it! ill leave another post after with how much it hurt / healing i guess.. seems to be what everyone else is doing..
    i did the pinch ur neck and look down test- the skin did pop out of my hand a little but not fully. so we will see how that goes. :)
    hopeeveryones is healing well!! booo rejection!

  27. I’ve had my nape pierced since I was 21, and I am now nearly 24. I believe they used a 1.25″ or 1.75″ bar; I remember them giving me a choice of different bar sizes, but don’t remember the exact size. In terms of piercings the nape was pretty easy, getting my ears pierced at a gauge was a lot more painful and had this traumatizing POP sound that went along with it when the skin was pushed out with the hollow needle.

    I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it. I work in a professional environment, and it is easy to hide with collared shirts. When people see it for the first time they always ask whether it hurt or not; I’ve never had anyone act offended by it, or had it cause any issues in a work place.

    It’s also never started to reject. Maybe it was placed in a good location, or maybe I just keep it clean enough? Once a year it’s gotten slightly swollen and tender, and I tell myself if it doesn’t go away in a few days I’ll have it removed, but it always ends up going back to normal within a couple days of no-touching and being gentle with it.

  28. Letty

    I got mine done in Vegas on a whim.. And the guy said there was going to be swelling which there is.. and the ends are red… Im kinda worried.. I think im going to wait a few days and see if it gets better. I don’t think there puss coming out of it.. But that shit hurt like hell.. think twice before you do it!!

  29. courtney

    I had mine done about 6 months ago, and its healed perfectly with irritation occurring within the first month only. When people ask if it hurt, I say it hurt as much as any piercing hurts, but not overly. I think it looks like it would hurt a lot more then it does, and when I got it done I prepared myself for a lot of pain, which wasn’t the case.

  30. Rae-Rae

    All you little 15 year old with the twelve piercings and tattoos annoy me. It just shows that your parents must really not give a shit. My mother was very very strick that I was only allowed to have two lobe piercings per ear untill I was 18. Since then I’ve gotten a few more piercings and tattoos. But it’s because I’m old enough and mature enough to not get something stupid that I’ll regret a year later. All of mine can be easily hidden and are not a problem.

    I plan on getting my nape done soon. Just debating on when. I have a vacation coming up and I’m debating on healin time… I’m a pretty quick healer so maybe I can handle the vacation? Hell, I think I’ll get it friday after school.

  31. mells

    I got mine done 4days ago In a questionable piercing place, but the pain wasent SOOO BAD and I’m only 14 so I’m sure u can handle it, but its still healing n I try my best too clean it 3times a day with saline at in the 2nd day there was a little pus & I thought it was infected but now that I’m reading up on it I see its normal, but I really recommend too get it if your undecided, the pain isn’t that bad n its a really unique piercing =)

  32. Victoria

    Ive always wanted mine done, im afraid of needles even though i have my tongue, monroe, industrial, bottom and top naval peirced. I heard it doesnt hurt? Also does anyone know the price range on them?

  33. Anonymous

    the only thing that i have pierced is my ears, belly botton… does it hurt more then belly botton ?

  34. Ashley

    I am going to get microdermals in the back of my neck tomorrow. I was wondering if it was a painful process. The only other piercing I have is my belly button and that didn’t hurt at all just felt like pressure. Someone get back to me so I’m prepared pleaseeee!

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