Three Minutes in the Life of an Addict

This video on YouTube was accompanied by comments such as, “die already you smelly low life cracker,” “looks like hes shootin up sum good shit props keep it up,” “I don’t have any sympathy to be honest. But at least he didn’t kill himself…selfish bastard!”, “no sympathy for junkies,” “they are just weak,” “make this guy pres of us for life,” “I dont think he would be missed” (a comment from a poster called MargaretThatcher), and “I don’t think this person is high.”

One especially angry poster made these comments: “Just give him an overdose! Junky! What scum!…He is scum of this earth…he is the same as any criminal or rapist. He is scum, and does not deserve to breathe the same air as decent people do!…If he approached you or yoru [sic] friends or family with a syringe threatening he will stab you unless you give him money…would you still call him a poor human being…I think not…He is scum…he does not deserve to live!…What a waste of air and space in this world…They don’t deserve to be given compassion! Respect for them went out the door the first time they took the drugs…It is their own fault for choosing to become junkies and scum…They have no right to breathe the same clean air as I do!”

Granted, there were as many compassionate and sympathetic comments as negative ones.  It was still quite demoralizing to see the harsh judgment passed on this man.  So very sad.



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5 responses to “Three Minutes in the Life of an Addict

  1. Humanly sad, I wonder how he got started? We’ll never know. I hope some day he escapes his vain patterns.

  2. rhea

    I wonder if you mean vain as in futile, or vain as in arrogant? It is humanly sad. I would certainly like to know more about how he got there.

  3. Dross Coven

    Only God can Judge anyone. maybe he was beaten up on his whole life by his Father and mentally abused by his Mother. No one just decides one day to inject heroin. People do heroin to escape the misery of their life for just a few brief moments. Heroin is like entering a room that you dont ever want to leave. It washes away all your pain and guilt, depression anxiety all your worries are flushed away and you are blanketed with warmth and happieness.

  4. rhea

    Hi Dross, so true. Heroin is a horrid room to enter, but it’s one you never want to leave. What was clearly alarming to us while watching the clip may not have been of great importance to the man. Thanks to heroin, he probably did not care about his appearance or the fact that he was potentially at risk for being arrested or assaulted. Even if he had nowhere to go or nothing to eat, his high was almost certainly of more pressing importance to him. One thing that struck me was that he was high in a public area during the daytime. As a rule, casual use is reserved for private homes on nights or weekends. While knowing nothing else of the man, I would guess he was battling a hard addiction at the time he was filmed. I pray he’s clean now, but we will probably never know. You’re right, only God can accurately and fairly judge the man. Therefore, tolerance is a wise course for us lowly humans. :) Thanks for the comment.

  5. Fuck me runnin’!
    Been there, got the T-shirt.

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