Guitar Hero


I’m not one for video games, but this one is crazy addictive.  I can’t stop playing it.  I resented that fact for a while, but then I got to ‘hard’ last night, and it finally turned into something cool.  Fun!  I was at a snowboard competition this weekend, and they had a Guitar Hero tent set up with two massive giant screens where competitions raged day and night.  I stumbled on parties all weekend that had their own Guitar Hero battles raging.  I can’t believe the craze this game has generated, but I’m thoroughly guilty of spending an unjustifiable amount of free time on it.  Maybe it’s because I no longer have guitars of my own :-( and it feels great to once again be playing rock legend solos…although now it’s “green red yellow” rather than “C E G”.  Oh well.  It’s a decent substitute, and entirely clean fun.


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