Adolescent Risk Factors and Warning Signs…

…for drug use.  This stuff seems pretty basic and self-evident, but gentle reminders never hurt.  We all play our parts, even those of us who don’t have kids. 

Info taken from National Institute on Drug Abuse: Preventing Drug Abuse Among Children and Adolescents ( ).



Risk Factors                            (Setting)           Protective Factors

Early aggressive behavior     (Individual)     Self control

Lack of parent supervision   (Family)           Parental monitoring

Substance abuse                     (Peer)                Academic competence

Drug availability                    (School)             Anti-drug policies

Poverty                                    (Community)   Strong neighborhood attachment



Early Warning Signs….

  • lack of attachment and nurturing by parents/caregivers
  • ineffective parenting
  • caregiver who abuses substances

 Protective Factors….

  • strong parent/child bond
  • parental involvement
  • clear limits and consistent enforcement of discipline

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One response to “Adolescent Risk Factors and Warning Signs…

  1. kerii

    If your child is showing any of these signs, then please get involved! Many people either dont know how or that they should get involved with their family members drug problems. Im not saying there are a lot of parents out there that want nothing to do with their kids or dont care, just many go about drug abuse in the wrong way, because they have no idea whats really going on in their kids world. This is why the A&E show Intervention is so important. It demonstrates how difficult addiction can be and uses a highly qualified team of specialists to address the core issues. check out The show really does a great job of showing what it takes to get on the road to recovery for some of the most difficult addictions and how it affects everyone around the addict. I’m working to help promote the show because I believe that helping others with their addictions is an important issue. See for yourself when a new episode airs every Monday night at 8:00pm/9:00central

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