Men in Uniform…In Church

I love seeing men in uniform come to church.  Sometimes they come to morning mass on their way to work, or sometimes they stop by on Saturday night on their way home.  Whether they are military, police, firefighters, or paramedics, it always moves me to see these people who serve the public take a moment out of their day to observe their faith.  Observing them in the communion line amid the people they serve evokes strong emotion, and reminds me how appreciative I am for the work they do.  Sometimes I get a little uneasy if it is an officer with a firearm, but I never know if maybe they’re on duty and must keep it on, and I don’t really know the protocol for guns in church anyway.  So…a sincere thank you to all the public service providers who contribute so much of themselves so that the rest of us are safeguarded.

(Quick disclaimer on the sex…I haven’t seen a female in uniform in church before, but the same standard would, of course, apply.) 

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3 responses to “Men in Uniform…In Church

  1. Rhea,

    I’m Pagan as opposed to Christian (Catholic in your case I think) so this may be incorrect but…perhaps their just stopping by for services; what they do for their jobs is observing their faith.

    I’m not sure about modern presumption amongst Christians, but in my faith – I follow a Warrior’s path – serving as a bulwark against harm for the rest of the people is the calling of my faith. It’s trying to live a prayer as it were.

    I think that many of these men and women feel the same way despite the theological gulf between us.

    “We man the borders and keep the peace so that better men than us can make the world finer and the normal people can go about their lives.”

    Just my thoughts :)

  2. Hi jonolan, I am Catholic, so this is just where I’ve observed civil jobs and religious practices merge most often. I hope I understand what you mean…I agree that working such jobs is likely linked to their faith, or may even be their faith. The name on the faith is of less importance than the showing of their convictions.

    I really enjoyed what you said: “serving as a bulwark against harm for the rest of the people is the calling of my faith.” Therefore, I owe a big debt of gratitude to you as well, even though the uniform is different. :-) What a moving declaration. Thanks.

  3. There are men and women who feel the call to put themselves in harm’s way to protect those they love. I don’t think we’re any better than anyone else since we don’t seem to have a choice in the matter; we have to serve because we’re made that way. It how God or the gods made us and it’s our service unto Him or them.

    I have served beside – and sadly buried – Christians who followed essentially the same path as I – though “in different uniforms” to use your absolutely wonderful phrase – and found no difference between us in most cases.

    The bravest man I knew swore that what we did would damn him to Hell, but said that the people back home were worth that sacrifice. I’m still humbled by his courage; I risked my life but he felt he risked his soul.

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