Thank You God…

 …for sending us a beautiful snow storm.  On the weekend, no less (always greatly appreciated).  The snow fell all day, and even the mail was shut down.  It is an exquisite night.  Outside, it is eerily still and tranquil, and the city is blanketed by a frosty silence.  The moon and stars are invisible, but the light playing off the glittering snow makes it bright enough to read.  The roads are empty, and it is comforting to think of all the people tucked away inside in their homes.  I don’t have any calories in the apartment other than alcohol (which is running low), and I’m getting a little hungry, but that’s beside the point…I treasure these nights.  They are so peaceful.


 …A special prayer for all the homeless, that they have shelter, food, and warmth tonight and throughout the winter.


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One response to “Thank You God…

  1. Nusku

    The snow sound beautiful. Here in London we are just receiving one downpour of rain after another…

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