Live and Let Live


“You’re so astute to everything, except when it comes to your own life.” 

This is what a friend recently told me.

I try not to tolerate bullshit, and I strive for honesty and integrity in dealing with others, but I constantly bullshit myself.  I was endowed with a high ability to expect and deliver low personal standards. 

Is there anything wrong with this? 

I say no, but friends tell me otherwise.  I consistently make stupid decisions as often as they present themselves, but I own them, and if I’m okay with it, then I say live and let live.



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2 responses to “Live and Let Live

  1. Kevin Olsen

    It’s a sad truth that we deceive ourselves far more than we deceive family, co-workers, and even complete strangers. Interestingly enough we lie to ourselves more often than others lie to us!

    How does this happen? How can the person who knows the truth, make up a lie, and in the end believe their own deception? The answer hides in our hearts. For some reason we prefer to live in a dream-world, denying reality and erotically embracing the farce. It’s like America’s Top Model passionately making out with a toothless, decrepit leper whose skin is falling off of his body in dead, pasty clumps. We live in the movies; the world is a stage where we’re more comfortable playing a fictional character than ourselves.

    It’s an escape tactic . . . kissing cousins of alcohol, drugs, chocolate, sex, (and in my case) sleep. To that degree, I’d have to say that no, it’s not a good idea. If self-destructive cycles of delusion are to be encouraged, than why would you be so desperately trying to quit heroine? True, lying to yourself won’t rot your liver, put you into a comma, or deteriorate your brain . . . but the overall effect it has on the quality of your life, emotions, and mind is astronomical.

    Mental and emotional stress will tear you down more than any physical pressures. If you love someone, it’s impossible to “live and let live.” The only time I allow myself to “live and let live” is when I couldn’t care less about the individual destroying their life. That’s not how I feel about you.

  2. Thanks Kevin. You always offer a lot of insight. :) Escape and self-deception are unquestionably self-destructive.

    My parents, especially my mom, have always been heavy drinkers. It almost killed my dad…in fact, it will in a year or two, no matter what he does from here on in. When he learned that, he quit cold turkey, and never made a single complaint about physical withdrawals (which he definitely had) or missing it. My mom is a different story. Nothing gets through to her. My family has essentially adopted a “live and let live” attitude. My siblings are older, and they tell me, “Listen, kid, what you’re trying to do…we tried for a long time before you jumped on board.” My dad has never gotten involved. I still try everything I can to help her, but without family support, it’s hard. It saddens me to no end that they can give up on her. I want to save her, which I can’t do, but I can’t turn my back either, because I love her too much. I don’t enable her anymore, but I haven’t resigned myself to admitting defeat.

    I know she wants people to leave her to her own devices, just like I want people to do for me. I never know what the right thing is to do with family in that situation. I struggle with the element of hypocrisy, since I’m not much different, but I think the fear of hypocrisy is what keeps my family from reaching out to my mom. We’ve all had our own addictions. Anyway…it’s a cycle, so enough rambling. Take care.

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