My Uncle is a Ghost

I don’t mean metaphorically.  Ask me whether I believe in ghosts, and I’ll tell you I don’t know, but I’ll tell you that my uncle is one.

He died of an asthma attack in the late 70s, before I was born.  After my grandparents died, their kids sold the house.  The men in my dad’s family tend to have these rugged James Dean-type Hollywood good looks.  They look a lot alike.  That becomes important later.

One day, a few months after the house had been sold, one of my uncles was in the neighborhood.  He swung by, and was surprised to see a ‘For Sale’ sign.  A woman was outside gardening, so he decided to chat with her.  With one look at him, she turned and bolted for the house.  My uncle, terribly confused, approached the door anyway and knocked.  When she answered, this was the story he got….

Shortly after the new family moved in, a ghost began to haunt the place.  On many nights, he attempted to climb the stairs up to the second floor, where the bedrooms were located.  Every time, he collapsed and “died” of an asthma attack on the landing of the stairs before reaching the top.  They could see him, and they could hear him wheezing.  Pretty gruesome.

My uncle who stopped by the house that day looked more like the one who died than any of the other brothers.  They were the spitting image of each other.  The woman thought he was the ghost when he got out of the car.

My uncle asked if she was going to tell any prospective new owners, and she replied, “Would you?” 

True story.



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3 responses to “My Uncle is a Ghost

  1. I LIKE this one ! Crossing over from here to there is always of interest to me. I believe in it and have felt and seen it and know it happens. It is not to be feared,for, it is just like those of us of this plane to think the others are crossing over because of us. Sort of like personifying a Deity with human attributes to justify Karmic eventualities, we are so arrogant as to think they come over for our petty amusements and horrors. Not so, me thinks.

  2. It’s a mystery, that’s for sure. This definitely isn’t the only bizarre story I’ve heard. I think what’s on the other side is so foreign to us that when we encounter glimpses of it, it’s horrifying. That’s understandable. Whether we mean to or not, we fill our days with a plethora of non-stop entertainment, noises, and activities that distract us from the reality that we are all mortal. We fear the unknown more than anything.

  3. All very true – we seem to think we will live forever. Most of us haven’t approached death with a clear frame of mind. Maybe that’s why people spend millions yearly on life insurance… what difference will money make – we’ll be dead. People who are still alive can make their own money. I’m spending mine now…isn’t that the point?
    Seriously though. we haven’t been trained into any sort of sanely minded view of passing over. We think “oooohh the boogey man gonna getcha”. Turn up the TV and get the ice cream outta the freezer. That’ll keep him away.

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