Nickel and Diming

I have a bad habit of giving away my money when I’m drunk.  It’s also the only time I ever bet, but I will bet without inhibitions if the opportunity arises.  I’m at a lucky stage now where I have no money to give away, but typically, I buy rounds and then try to force my money on the friends I just bought rounds for.  I will also offer whatever money I have in my pockets to the stranger who opens up and tells me he’s broke.  I come up with elaborate excuses as to why I don’t need it. 

I’ve lost a lot of money this way.  I never regret it, because I don’t value money for money’s sake, and I would rather give it away than do something logical like put it in a bank and make interest off it…but it’s not a useful habit when the end of the month rolls around.


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