88 Days Until St. Patrick’s Day!

               shamrock-3.jpgshamrock.jpg  shamrock-3.jpg  shamrock-2.jpgshamrock-3.jpg




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4 responses to “88 Days Until St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. transformedia

    The shamrock in the circular field is tattooed 3 inches high on the inside of my right forearm – celtic cross in red, orange, green and white on the left. Ah, declaration.

  2. bottlecappie

    Are you Irish?

    I’m going to apply for citizenship. Seems that anyone who can prove they have a parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent who was an Irish citizen can claim Irish citizenship.

    I long to be an ex-pat.

  3. Are you really going to apply for citizenship?

    I’m Irish by heritage. But if all I need is a great-grandparent, then I’m in for applying for citizenship too. Yes!!!

    I’m such an ex-pat at heart. Give me Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Joyce, Stein, Morrison, Davis, and Montmartre on a beautiful spring day. Aah, paradise!

  4. bottlecappie

    Oh, I’m applying. I’ve gotten the info on how to go about it, and I’m going to do it when I get my tax return this year. I have to get my grandmother’s death certificate – she was born in Ireland, which makes my mom automatically eligible for citizenship, which means that technically, I am eligible too. It’s in the Irish Constitution – anyone born in Ireland is automatically a citizen, and anyone born of an Irish citizen is automatically a citizen as well.

    My daughter can claim citizenship through me, and if Mr B and I officially marry, he can get citizenship in 5 years. And then you get all those lovely socialist bennies, free medicine and free college with a living stipend!! And live anywhere in the EU.

    Plus, I have tons of relations in the south of Ireland, on the coast, and they’ve extended invitations to visit on many occasions.

    It’s funny, I’m English, Swedish and German too but I only feel connected to my Irish roots.

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