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  1. hello rhea, im a beginer blogger from indonesia. can u to teach me how to make my blog.its stil standard.if u hv time im very glad.thnk b4.yopie

  2. rhea

    Hi Yopie, I dropped by your site and left you a message. It looks great.

  3. zone91

    Hey, Ray. How old are you? Just wondering. YOU have a wide vocabulary that is refreshing to hear, that you don’t see or read or hear everyday. Hope you don’t take offense to this. I’m genuinely curious.

  4. rhea

    Hi zone, I’m 26. No offense taken. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

    *January 2008 update: I’m now 27.

  5. Rhea:

    Woderfully challenging — thanks. And thanks for looking in on my work.


  6. You’re welcome, Rod. Your blog is amazingly thorough and helpful. I was lucky to stumble upon it. I’ve marked it so I can check in on it whenever I need to. Thanks.

  7. papa_rod

    God bless you!

  8. Thank you papa rod…God bless you and yours.

  9. aj

    Thank you for speaking for the masses. After reading this book, (at least I borrowed it and didn’t purchase another copy) and finding out the truth about the author, I am deeply saddened.
    My family passed this book around to each other in effort to gain understanding and perhaps glean any speck hope. My little sister is a crystal meth addict and in the lowest places you can be in life.
    Having this pain and worry for an addicted loved one is raw and beyond real. It’s so wrong that he capitalized on the misfortune of addiction to make his millions. The fact that he called himself a liar within his book is his only truth.
    Thank you so much for your presence here
    Bless you

  10. Hi aj, thanks for writing. The truth about the author saddened me too, mostly because people believed his message, and I consider it a dangerous message to addicts. You worded it so well when you said the fact that he called himself a liar within his book is his only truth. :) I know his book was read by a lot of people trying to understand and help a loved one with an addiction. My friends read it for that reason…they sat me down to have what I call the “James Frey pep talk.” They wanted me to solve my problems the same way he did, but I honestly don’t think I would survive his method for very long. He seems to approach the problem with the concept that there is a one-size-fits-all answer, but no two people are the same, not even addicts.

    I am so, so sorry to hear about your little sister. I will pray for her safety, health, and healing. I have guilt over my addiction because I’ve been in the shoes of someone trying to help and love an addict (my parents and brother are alcoholics). I know how raw you and your family must be with concern for your sister. Crystal meth is a ferocious drug. One of her strongest assests right now is that she has a family who loves her.

    Take gentle care,


  11. christieann

    hello. I like your blog. you are an excellent writer. Can you teach me how to be a better writer?, I mean you have an awesome skills!Ü

  12. aj

    Thank you ….your words meant so much. You clearly have a dual-sided wisdom that gifts you a unique perspective on these things. I think you are the one that should write the book………
    Come on………..Oprah would love to have a woman author on the topic, particularily, (as a one-up-manship guest on her show :)
    Sleep Sweetly

  13. I’ve added you, Rhea. And I noticed you added me. =) Thank you.
    You are a gifted writer.
    – Christy

  14. Hi aj. Aww, I’m blushing. :) I will write the book as soon as Oprah gives me the green light and a small advance to fund the endeavor. Mmm…the thought of being an author taps into a deeply rooted childhood dream. It would be the quintessential way to carve out a living, wouldn’t it?

    Keeping you & your family in my thoughts.

  15. aj

    Blushing because you know it’s true…and the fact that it is a deeply rooted childhood dream of yours doesn’t surprise me a bit…..your passion for writing is clearly visible to the reader and that kind of passion is usually associated with a surrounding dream.
    I wish I could say my childhood dream was as noble, but I was convinced I could go to college to become a ‘Charlie’s Angel’—(seriously.) I just recently found out that it wasn’t a viable career—–(not seriously)
    What do the Holidays have in store for you? Are you living in cold weather?
    Thinking of you

  16. transformedia

    You still there??

  17. Good luck with going and staying clean. Try cold turkey, if you can. Accept no substitutes…

    Trading one addiction for another is, ultimately, a legal technicality. Does it really represent personal progress?

    What city do you live in (if it’s not too invasive)?

  18. Christopher Leibow

    where have gone dear Rhea?

  19. u is blog good, i wait for your visit to my blog

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