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Guitar Hero


I’m not one for video games, but this one is crazy addictive.  I can’t stop playing it.  I resented that fact for a while, but then I got to ‘hard’ last night, and it finally turned into something cool.  Fun!  I was at a snowboard competition this weekend, and they had a Guitar Hero tent set up with two massive giant screens where competitions raged day and night.  I stumbled on parties all weekend that had their own Guitar Hero battles raging.  I can’t believe the craze this game has generated, but I’m thoroughly guilty of spending an unjustifiable amount of free time on it.  Maybe it’s because I no longer have guitars of my own :-( and it feels great to once again be playing rock legend solos…although now it’s “green red yellow” rather than “C E G”.  Oh well.  It’s a decent substitute, and entirely clean fun.


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Velvet Underground Lyrics

“I’m gonna try to nullify my life…cause when the blood begins to flow…

And it shoots up the dropper’s neck…when I’m closin’ in on death…

Ah, you can’t help me, not you guys, or all you sweet girls with all your sweet talk…

you can all go take a walk!  And I guess I just don’t know.


Heroin…be the death of me…it’s my wife, and it’s my life.  Because a mainer to my vein leads to a enter in my head, and then I’m better off and dead….”

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Sixties Dichotomy

So I had a discussion tonight with my friend about sixties music.  Lucky for both of us, it was via text rather than in person, or else it probably would have been more of a brawl than a polite discussion where people take turns and treat each others’ opinions kindly. 

My list: Doors, Hendrix, Joplin, Velvet Underground, Dylan, Stones, Pink Floyd, Donovan, Cream, Simon & Garfunkel, Status Quo, Van Morrison, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Tommy Tames & The Shondells, Creedence.

His list: Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Little Stevie Wonder, Sonny and Cher, Pure Prairie League, The Mammas and the Papas, Peter Paul and Mary, Three Dog Night, The Turtles, Diana Ross and The Supremes, Neil Diamond, The Monkees, Righteous Brothers, Procol Harum.

He called my list drug spotted.  I called his squeaky clean.

The biggest difference between us?  Drugs.  I do, crave, need, and depend on them.  He loathes them. Ha!

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Dropkick Murphys, “For Boston”

“For Boston, for Boston, we sing our proud refrain!

For Boston, for Boston, ’tis wisdom’s earthly fame!

For here all are one and our hearts are true,

And the towers on the heights reach the heavens blue,

For Boston, for Boston, ’til the echoes ring again!


For Boston, for Boston, thy glory is our own!

For Boston, for Boston, ’tis here that truth is known!

And ever with a right shall our heirs be found,

‘Til time shall be no more and thy work is crowned,

For Boston, for Boston, thy glory is our own!”


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Jim Morrison

What was it about this guy!?  Why was I not alive and dating him in 1965?   “Wake up!  Wake up!  Wake up!”  He would be the quintessential man.  Sexy, artistic, philosophical, a little expatriotic, poetic, passionate, unfaithful, audacious, reckless, addicted.  (Sigh.)  Maybe in another lifetime….

 doors-6.jpg doors-4.jpg doors-1.jpg doors-11.jpg doors-8.jpg

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Divine Edie

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Edie Sedgwick Dating

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