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Biggest Test of My Life

I just took my first test of the semester.  I had given up on school for more than two years.  Ugh.  I was so sure my brain was broken, that I permanently fried it like eggs in a skillet.  You know…once the heat denatures the proteins, there’s just no going back.  It becomes a jumbled mess of gooey melted cells that stick to each other and the pan and anything else they slop onto, and sorting them out is a biological impossibility.  That’s how I figured my brain was.  The MRI would show scrambled eggs.

 I aced it.  102/100, actually.  That’s not to say I can undo the damage I did, but I made it past a huge obstacle when I passed this test.  There’s a small glimmer at the end of the tunnel, egg-splattered or not.  

I know I’ve really screwed up.  In spite of my mistakes, maybe I can still get along as a functioning and self-sufficient person in this world.



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