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Chemical Sex

Use chemicals long enough during sex, and it becomes a habit.  Keep using them, and it becomes a dependency.  Keep on using, and it becomes essential.  Sex becomes impossible without the sustenance of a chemical lift.  The reality is that the chemical rush almost always dulls the sexual experience.  Of course, that’s often the idea, but it never fails to piss off the other person.  After a while, it starts to piss you off too.  It’s a ferocious habit.

Chemicals = de rigueur.


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Come on Men, Rally!

Male contraception is inching closer and closer to becomig a reality.  Yes men, you could wind up taking a little blue pill every day, just like your partners have been doing for years.  Role reversal, or egalitarianism?  Would you do it? 

In my experience, the woman not only ingests the birth control (exposing herself to a myriad of estrogen-related health risks and side effects), she also travels alone to the pharmacy to pick it up, pays for it, and must remember without help from her man to take the pill every day.  The heat falls on her for forgetting if a pregnancy ensues from a few missed pills.  (Through no fault of either sex, the woman must then assume the responsibility for pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding.)  Of course, this does not describe all contraception-using relationships, but I do think it describes a majority of them.

I am hopeful that most men will respond positively to the idea of male contraception.  It’s not that far away, but it requires a viable market.  What better way to swallow a little macho pride and show your partner you care than by saying, “Sure, I’ll go on the pill.  Anything for you, baby!”  Eh?


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